ASV Solar Generation 4 is ready for sale - better and more economical than ever!

The new thermal solar panel G4 started production in April 2014, and they are now ready for delivery.

G4 are revolutionising, with an even easier and better concept.

Earlier, the solar panel modules have been produced and sorted into different types, making it important to separate the right-and left modules, and the right-and left start-and stop modules. The new G4-ASV solar panel has symmetrical, rectangular modules. This means that they are all identical, and there will be no problem when placing and adapting the absorber sheet.

ASV Solar - Generation 4, has many advantages:

1. The collector pipes are more centered than the G3 - solar panel; leading to higher efficiency from the panel.

2. The solar panel is now much easier to assemble, and less exposed to damage during delivery.

3. It can easily be integrated in the construction of the roof, mounted on a wall, or independent on a holder, with optional framing and possibilities for smaller building measurements - or smaller frame.

4. Only pure water is used inside the solar panel, making it an environmentally friendly product, free of nay chemical poisons, and all components are recyclable.

We´ve lowered our prices! The new ASV Solar -Generation 4 solar panels cost know from 1000,- Kr (167 dollars, or 99 pounds) pr Kvm!

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ASV Solar Generation 4

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