How to approach the engineering of a thermal solar panel

Get an overview of your heat consumption, and then we will help you to determine the necessary size of your solar panel construction. We have 8 different system groups which can be combined with the solar collectors constructions, and adapt your consumption. You can find the systems in the menu under "Engineering." Find the system you want, and decide the size of the area you want to use.For residential home with water heat- and tap water consumption, using a 12 to 24 kvm solar collectors can be very profitable. A construction of 3,6 to 6 kvm will give some decreased profit, but can still be enough to profit from the installation. In the menu under Engineering,

Engineering of larger constructions, hotels, water parks, laundromats, district heating etc.
Heat from the solar panel is added to the water heater, or return from the heating system. In many cases, it is practical to use a plate heat exchanger for transfer between the solar panel system and other heating and container systems. Heat which is not immediately used, should be stored in a container. The greatest heat profit is gained if the panels circulate directly towards a larger heat storage (non-pressurised container), but in some cases this is not possible. That's why the solar panel work towards a small tank (3 litres pr. Kvm. solar panel). In the solar panel circuit, a heat switch sensor is used, which switches the heat from the panel into a different heating system.

Dimensions of a solar panel
Generally, the area with solar panels should not be over-dimensioned; a under-dimensioned construction produces more heat per kvm.
If the heat consumption is even all year, you can estimate covering up to 50% of your heating demands with a solar panel, for example in use of tap water. If you only want to partly cover water heating with solar heating, it is crucial that the panel is mounted in a steep angle, or on a wall facing south. Experience shows that an ASV Solar panel can produce heat for low temperature constructions all clear days every year, also in December and January.

Dimensions of heating storage
If the heat is not used immediately, for example in a swimming pool, a heating storage of up to 100 litres pr kvm solar panel, is required.
The solar panel can replace tiles, and be mounted directly on batten layers on either roof or wall, or on independent holders.