ASV Solar
is the leading manufacturer of the most environmentally friendly and cost effective Thermal Solar collectors in Norway, a Norwegian company operating in the solar energy sector. We have a large customer base and wide-ranging portfolio of projects. The company has extensive experience in the solar energy sector coupled with a large international network.

ASV Solar’s strategy is to develop and deliver solar collectors and related solutions to both residential and commercial markets through subsidiaries set up in the local markets worldwide in Joint Venture partnership with local investors and partners. 

ASV Solar is game-changing the thermal solar industry when the company in 2014 set up subsidiaries worldwide and at the same time start up industrial high speed production of the  4. generation Thermal solar collector. High tech industrial production will cut the manufacturing cost significant, enabling thermal solar systems to be available to everyone, including businesses and those millions of private households with middle-class and poor people around the world. 

ASV Solar panels outperforms oil and gas prices, even without government subsidies. When comparing the price of energy delivered from the ASV Solar collector in competition with fossil fuels, the result being that ASV Solar collector supply energy to a fragment of the cost for fossil fuel over the lifetime. 

ASV solar AS is now running the groundbreaking research project "Carbon Nanotube Coatings for spectrally selective Solar Thermal Absorbers", started in 2013 and nearing completion in 2016 the chemical will be prepared for commercialization which will provide the company new and valuable trade agreements worldwide. 




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